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Data collection is easy with this app

Vernier Software & Technology’s Logger Pro is a general-purpose data-collection and analysis software for computers. It enables you to easily collate data and gauge readings from the various sensors and equipment connected to the program, boosting productivity with the ease of the process. Logger Pro is a student-friendly software, with several built-in tutorials and the option to import and export findings from different sources and applications. It covers different branches of chemistry and can be used by the middle school, high school, and college levels.

Learning can be fun

Logger Pro is practically an office suite with how extensive its features are. Firstly, it’s highly educational, as you can access 12 built-in self-help tutorials and over 1,000 experiment files. Students can write their lab reports on the software or export the data to MS Word and Excel. They can even develop their own experiment files. Secondly, it’s versatile and powerful, supporting over 80 Vernier sensors for real-time graphing and analysis. You can perform different types of statistical analysis, collect data from various sources, and manually enter values. 

Plus, you can screen-capture the process for visual records of your experiments gathering data, analyze them frame-by-frame, and draw predictions on graphs. Logger Pro comes with auto-ID sensors for easy setup. It also has Ocean Optics spectrometer and GPS support. You can get in-depth with the graphs and model data presets available in the program, so there’s always a way to interpret your findings concisely. 

However, what’s great about Logger Pro is that its site license can cover an entire school or college department, letting students and teachers use it. They can use it on their home computers via their online accounts, and there is no limit to how many computers can use the software. Logger Pro offers a fully-functioning 30-day trial and has free updates for any version of the software, making it highly recommended software.


  • License for the whole school
  • Can share data with handheld devices
  • Optimized for academic use
  • Can perform different data collection methods


  • Bland interface
  • Only intended for educational use

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Logger Pro 3.15 for PC

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